The Facilities

Reception Hall


The "Four Seasons" Theatre





 Our "Four Seasons" Theatre is a purpose built multipurpose hall which stands independent of our main school building.  The Theatre boasts hardwood flooring, a large open area for play or audience seating and a stage area complete with sound and lighting systems, making it the ideal venue for many types of activities. Music class run in the Theater every Thursday. The Theatre is also used by our students when the weather is not suitable for outdoor play and for PE (Physical Exercise) class. 



The Playground






Our shaded playground is a great area for the children to burn of their energy while developing their gross and fine motor skills, playing on equipment which is designed for their age group. 




Indoor Play Room 






The Multipurpose Room is a large classroom where children can use their imaginations and develop their creativity. Our children play everything from Dress Up, Car and Track play, Arts and Crafts, Super market, Post Office to Reading and beyond! The Indoor Play room is used on a daily basis by the children for activities both on and off time table and is used for break time when the weather is not suitable for outdoor play. 








The Library




The Library is a bright and cherry place designed to instill a lifelong love and appreciation of reading in the children. With weekly library lessons they enjoy learning about book handling, exploring books which relate to the monthly classroom themes or even just finding a story to read which suits their mood.

The Library is carefully arranged on low shelving units so that even the smallest child has full access to every book. The children are encouraged to discover books on their own and a colour coded organizational system is the perfect introduction into how a Library works. The children have the opportunity select a book from the shelf and enjoy it before returning it to the proper location. Once they reach their next school they will already be familiar with how a library works.

Research has shown that early exposure to books helps to instill a love of learning in young children. And we are passionate about developing a love of learning in our children. 



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