As each school reflects their own values and school culture, it is important that you have a visit to our school to ensure the school's environment is a good fit for your child. We ask all new parents to visit our school and tour our facilities before they make a commitment to our programs.


Applications will be accepted throughout the year. Once you have viewed the school and have decided to apply for a place, please complete an application form. We accept children from many different cultures and countries. Most children speak either English or their mother tongues. There is no prerequisite for their language. It is not a requirement for the children to speak English upon admission.  

The formal application process includes a student visit with the principal to screen your child. This allows the school a chance to evaluate your child's abilities and identify areas for development for placement within the school. In addition this visit gives the child and parent an opportunity to be in the school environment. There is time during the student visit to answer individual questions about the Montessori curriculum and school procedures at The Children’s House - Montessori Nursery School.


Programmes offered at The Children’s House – Montessori Nursery School


Pre-Montessori Class (age 2 years and above)


Hours: 8.00am – 12.00pm


Days: Optional 3 days/a week; 4 days/a week; 5 days/a week



Montessori 1 (age 3 – 4 years)


Hours: 8.00am – 12.15 pm


Days: 5 days/a week



Montessori 2 (age 4 - 6 years)


Hours: 8.00am – 12.30 pm


Days: 5 days/a week




*Extended Day  Programmes are offered at extra cost. 



Tours and Open House


School Tours


We would love the opportunity to meet you and give you a personal tour of our wonderful school. Tours can be scheduled for most school days however they must be booked in advance. Please contact us to arrange your tour. Your child is most welcome to accompany you.


We look forward to meeting you.


Open House Events


We always hold Open House events in November each year. Please contact the school for more details.



Application Procedures



Admission Procedure


  1. Forward inquiries about our Montessori programs to the Administrator
  2. Tour our facilities
  3. Submit registration form and fees to the school.
  4. Student visits the classroom without parents for one hour as part of the evaluation process
  5. Parent Interview


Interviews will be scheduled as soon as possible after requests are received.


Decisions on Admission


All decisions on admission will be returned in writing and parents will be notified as soon as possible. Decisions concerning admission will be final.



Admission preference will be given in the following order:


  1. Children presently enrolled in The Children’s House
  2. Siblings of enrolled children
  3. New children with previous Montessori experience
  4. Other applicants


When an opening occurs, children accepted will be admitted according to the chronological order of applications. The actual timing of admission to a class is an educational decision, it may be necessary for the school to deviate at times from the policy of chronological admission. 



School Uniform 

We have high expectations in all areas of school life and this includes uniform. We believe children should look neat and tidy. Our uniform consists of simple functional clothing suitable for the range of activities which may ba encountered during the school day. We would ask all children wear their uniform to school. as it helps them to feel part of The Children's House Montessori School. We feel that the school uniform encourages a sense of belonging and pride in our school. 

The school uniform available at House of Uniform, Al'Ali Mall. 











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